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Chicken Satay Curry (Malaysian)

Satay lovers rejoice! This is the stuff food dreams are made of – chicken marinated in an authentic homemade Satay Seasoning, then simmered in an incredible Satay Peanut Sauce (Malaysian restaurant recipe). No hard to find ingredients, simple to make, guaranteed to blow your mind! Satay Chicken Curry (Malaysian) “I rarely leave comments on blogs…but I …


Heinz Baked Beans recipe – copycat!

This baked beans recipe tastes so similar to Heinz it’s almost scary. Except homemade baked beans don’t have underlying tones of artificial flavour, and the sauce isn’t slimy which I really hate about canned baked beans! These British baked beans can be made with dried or canned beans. Quick and easy, very economical and utterly addictive! Heinz …


Lamb Shanks Massaman Curry

If you’re mad for lamb shanks and Massaman Curry, this incredibly easy Thai recipe will stop you in your tracks – shanks slow cooked in the oven until the meat is falling off the bone, braised in a rich, coconut Massaman Curry sauce. It’s a popular Chef’s Special at upscale Thai restaurants that will set you …


Mongolian Lamb

Mongolian Lamb is an Aussie favourite, found on the menu of every suburban Chinese restaurant. At “posher” establishments, it might even arrive at the table on a hot iron plate, sizzling and spitting for theatric effect! Sizzle aside, this homemade version is a near perfect replica. Even the velveted texture of the lamb! Mongolian Lamb …


Swedish Meatballs

These heavenly Swedish Meatballs are the homemade version of the iconic Ikea meatballs. They’re a whole lot easier than assembling flat-pack furniture, that’s for sure!!! Extra soft and juicy, with the signature hint of nutmeg and All Spice, smothered with the traditional Swedish Meatball sauce –  a creamy gravy that’s absolutely to die for. Swedish …


Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie – comfort food central! This English classic has a deeply savoury beef mince filling smothered in gravy topped with creamy mashed potato, baked until golden. One of the best cosy foods to make with ground beef! Wondering what’s the difference between Cottage Pie and Shepherd’s Pie? Same recipe except Cottage Pie is made …


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